The V-Eats team is lead by chef Troy Gardner. A long time resident of Dallas, Troy’s restaurant history includes Exposition Park Cafe and Samson’s Gourmet Hot Dogs. It was at Samson’s Troy created an amazing vegan hot dog and attracted a huge following of vegans. Troy is passionate about recreating meaty flavors and textures from plant-based ingredients.

Chef, Troy Gardner

Troy’s passion for culinary arts blossomed in his childhood when he would often make quiche for his teachers in the third grade. After graduating, he traveled extensively in Eastern Europe developing techniques and unique flavors to enhance traditional American fare. In addition to the multitudes of high profile clients and events, over the years Chef Troy Gardner has donated countless hours and resources to dozens of charities and not-for-profit organizations. He has chosen to specialize in Vegan cuisine, not just for his passion of food, but also for his desire for a greener world. 


His 20 plus years in catering and restaurants have culminated to this pinnacle in his career with V-Eats Modern Vegan at Trinity Groves.

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